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About PolyPattern

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About PolyPattern

Porcelynne is the North American Partner for PolyTropon's PolyPattern. We have produced several tutorials on YouTube on operating this software. For additional information or additional video requests, please contact us with your requests. Under the Books & Downloads link, you can download the trial software at no charge. Note that you can test the software, but you will not be able to save or print from the trial. Contact us for pricing and subscription options.

PolyPattern is an easy to use CAD software for any designer, patternmaker, production team or home enthusiast. Digitize and grade existing patterns or draft from measure all within the program.

PolyPattern is compatable with many other CAD systems including Lectra, Investronica and Gerber and can communicate with most plotters, digitizers, cutters, databases, spreadsheets and software applications.

The interface is easy to understand without the clutter of too many tools or extras. It’s the ideal software for anyone and can fit most budgets. Subscribe or purchase the software outright. Upgrade to add the Marker Making software and ISO Cutter which interfaces with laser fabric cutters.

PolyPattern Design features:

* Reads data files in the international standard formats AAMA and ASTM
* Reads native format data from Lectra, Investronica, and Gerber
* Allows you customize your working environment, control pattern color for easy recognition, and assemble a garment so that it's ready for marker-making

Do you love what you see? Contact us for a live demo of the software and to request pricing.

PolyPattern’s thoughtfully-designed construction tools, combined with its unique “snaps” and keyboard input, allow you to make patterns with greater speed, accuracy, control, and unbelievable ease, no matter what pattern construction method you use.

PolyPattern's pattern construction features include:

* Geometric tools for quickly creating rectangles, circles, polygons, curves, and construction lines
* The use of absolute or relative measurements anywhere
* Pattern tools to cut and join any shaped edge
* Tools to rotate, mirror, and unfold patterns
* Notching tools for creating and editing notches and drill holes
* Facing tools for automatically creating perfect facings and hems
* A text tool for notes and reminders
* The ability to annotate patterns with text and shapes
* Automatic seam allowances and seam corner types

Special Features

* Automatic opening of any type of pleat, dart, or pleated dart
* Automatic dart definition, reversal, shifting, and cut out
* Edge walking to determine the "fit" of two pieces
* The ability to fold a pattern across a line or to bring two points together
* The ability to extract a pattern from existing patterns and drafted lines
* Spiral tools to create accurate single or double spiral shaped patterns for flounces
* Pleating tools to quickly open multiple pleats with an option to smooth ruffle pieces
* Tools to define complex matching criteria for plaid and stripe matching in the marker

PolyPattern's grading features include:

* The ability to use any size names you choose
* The ability to save size group templates
* Classical X-Y grading and a graphical grading tool
* Tools to copy, add, subtract, mirror, and combine grade rules
* The ability to change the nest reference point for comparing nests
* The ability to add new sizes at any point which get automatically graded
* The ability to separate a pattern nest into individual patterns
* Tools to quickly measure all sizes in the nest
* Advanced measuring tools to add and subtract measurements across many patterns and see the result, in relative or absolute terms, in one table

Product Information Sheet


PolyPattern-Marker is designed to maximize your productivity, minimize your labor cost and fabric consumption, and optimize your fabric orders. Its intelligently-designed tools and options make marker-making simpler and smoother, so that you can create tighter-fitting, more efficient markers with ease.

PolyPattern-Marker features include:

* Easily accessible parameter specification that can be changed at any time.
* A customizable warning system to spot conditions such as piece overlaps, non-graded patterns, incomplete markers, or updated pattern information.
* Fabric direction management that couldn't be more flexible or more simple to use. You simply specify how you want to manage it - strictly, by size, or by bundle, or not at all. PolyPattern does the rest, counting bundles, maintaining direction, making sure there is no mistake.
* For folded and tubular fabrics, intuitive and correct piece counting, which takes into account left-right pairs and folded pieces.
* The ability to cut patterns and add seam allowance.
* The ability to replicate all or part of a marker in the same or different sizes.
* The ability to join markers.
* Automatically generate block fusing pieces, the fusing shape being either rectangular or following the contour of the selected pieces at a specified offset.
* Automatically generate buffers or blocks, to leave a gap around hard-to-cut pieces, specified overall or at any level of detail.
* Automatic pattern adjustment to allow for fabric shrinkage or expansion.
* Instant marker update to reflect any changes in patterns.
* Simple to manage fabric repeats. Match rules are defined in PolyPattern-Design and can be specified to match piece-to-piece or piece-to-fabric. PolyPattern-Marker constrains pattern placement to respect those rules, maintaining consistency for left-right pairs, rotated pieces, and flipped pieces.
* Fabric costing. PolyPattern's fabric costing feature lets you cost for knitted or woven fabric (in weight or length), lets you cost back to greige cloth, and gives you a cost analysis per model for markers that contain more than one model.
* Reporting. You can print directly from PolyPattern detailed marker and costing information, and copy/paste information to other applications.
* A wide range of output options. You can customize your output to include the data you want to see, and then send it to any plotter available on the market.
* With the ISO CUT option installed, you can generate cut files for automatic fabric cutters. A range of parameters, for determining notch type and length, internal cuts, drill holes, and label information, lets you control what will be cut.
* Database connectivity to automatically update PolyOrganize or PolyPattern-Database, so that your marker information, such as fabric yield, width, length, and size breakdown, gets associated with a style and is readily available for searching or further processing such as total style costing.

Hassle-free fabric direction management.

Get detailed marker and costing information

Marker with automatically computed fusing pieces

Simple to manage fabric repeats

Automatically generated buffers around specific pieces or edges.

Updating a marker wth pattern changes is instantaneous.


PolyPattern-AutoMarker generates optimal markers in minutes or even seconds. Saving time and optimizing fabric are of primary concern to any organization considering an AutoMarker solution. But an AutoMarker solution is good only if it can save fabric and handle your specific cutting and laying requirements.

PolyPattern-AutoMarker features include:

* Ability to generate markers with less fabric consumption by making markers by hand
* Ability to easily and quickly specify how pieces can rotate and tilt from the grain line
* Piece buffering controlled simply and in detail (for example, buffer everywhere but straight edges) in order to get the most efficient marker possible
* Grouping pieces according to size, piece or both so that they are placed together for fabric shading or stepped fabric lays
* Specify pieces in the same size or bundle have the same fabric direction, allowing the AutoMarker to determine the best placement
* Tubular fabrics layouts can specify which pieces are allowed to fold, instead of specifying how many folded pieces to place
* Queue multiple markers for unattended processing
* Easy change job priorities
* Prepare markers for AutoMarker processing, and plot or cut processed markers, on stations that have only the marker software license
* Fully view markers from any station without any software license

Product Information Sheet