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Fashion Unraveled (1st)

Fashion Unraveled (1st)

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Fashion Unraveled

How to Start, Run and Manage an Independent Fashion Label

Author: Jennifer Lynne Matthews
248 pages
Published February 2009

A newer and more updated edition is currently available.

Version Options:
* Printed black and white book
* Form Download Only
* Example Download Only
* Spreadsheet for Business Costing

Fashion Unraveled explores the steps of an independent fashion design business. The book begins with discussions on developing a customer followed by detailed steps on what it takes to manufacture a product. The costing, pricing and budgeting part of this book approaches it differently than most other books out there.

Fashion Unraveled breaks it down based on you being a small business and not a multi-million dollar start up. The first edition uses examples throughout from the author's own business plan and practices. A full business plan is included in the book as well as how to organize one yourself.

Fashion Unraveled is also available on Amazon and Kindle.