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Fashion Unraveled (2nd)

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Fashion Unraveled (2nd)

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Fashion Unraveled

How to Start and Manage Your Own Fashion Design Business

Author: Jennifer Lynne Matthews
408 pages
Published January 2011

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Fashion Unraveled explores the steps of starting a fashion design or crafting business. The book begins with discussions on developing a customer base followed by detailed steps on what it takes to manufacture a product. Focusing on small businesses and not multi-million dollar start ups, the cost, pricing and budgeting sections of this book are approached differently than in most other books in the marketplace.

The software discussed in this book has been decommissioned, but the excel spreadsheet is still available.

This book is also available through Google Play, Amazon and Kindle here. Note that the forms, examples and business plan did not display well in the Kindle conversion to ebook format, so they were removed. You can download those for free as one of the drop down options for the book.

Reviews from fans:

"This is a must read for anyone considering starting out in "the business". The experiences, lessons and amazing list of resources the author generously shares is priceless."
-Gloria Villa

"This was a gift for my son. He procaimed it to be very informative, providing him with answers to many of his questions about the fashion industry."
- N.B. Yisreal

"The author covers everything from defining who your customer is and developing a brand identity to all of the parts of production: fabric sourcing, making patterns and samples, grading for different sizes, and how to get your designs produced. She also covers business basics that are essential to any design business like marketing, sales, and finance. She even points out the need to think about what your exit strategy would be. One of the most useful things about this book is the fact that the author has provided forms and examples for all of the stages of your design business. She even includes a full sample business plan (from her own business, minus some financial specifics). One of the other things I liked about this book were interviews with other independent designers about specific business topics and their experiences. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone looking to delve into the world of launching and running your own independent fashion label."
- Mallory Whitfield -