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Blue and Black Bra Making Fabric and 8.5" Lace Kit

Blue and Black Bra Making Fabric and 8.5" Lace Kit

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For Bra Sizes 42-54 C through J, I recommend purchasing 2 fabric kits to ensure you have enough fabric.

Don't forget to order your underwires too. Regular underwires can be found HERE.

This kit is offered in pieces, so you can really customize the size of your findings. Please note that each of the options in the drop down are adding to your shopping cart separately and can be removed or increased in quantity. This kit can be used for most bra patterns. Some pieces may not be used for all patterns, but this kit provides you options.

The fabric and lace kit contain:
2 yards of lace 24 cm (9.5") wide
20"x26" matte 40 denier nylon tricot
15"x15" 240 GSM Power net
15"x15" blue spandex (use with or in place of the power net on the back for a contrast)
15"x15" (x2 pieces) sheer 15 denier nylon tricot
15"x15" non-stretch cup lining

The hook and eye options are:
3x1 - 1 row by 3 columns measuring 3/4" tall
3x2 - 2 row by 3 columns measuring 1 1/2" tall
3x3 - 3 row by 3 columns measuring 2 1/4" tall
3x4 - 4 row by 3 columns measuring 3" tall

The strap kits include approximately 1 1/2 yards of elastic (this can vary due to human error), 2 rings and 2 slides in these sizes:
3/8" or 10 mm
1/2" or 13 mm
3/4" or 18 mm
1" or 25 mm

The elastic finding kits options are:
Small/Medium - 2 yards 1/2" band elastic, 1 yard underwire casing, 1/2 yard picot elastic for neckline
Large - 1 yard 1/2" band elastic, 1 1/2 yards 3/4" band elastic, 1 1/4 yard underwire casing, 3/4 yard picot elastic

**Each portion of this kit is added separately to your shopping cart. You can increase the quantity needed in your shopping cart or remove items that you do not want.

If this is your first journey into bra making, I would recommend testing the bra fit prior to cutting into this kit. I have created a curated list that I recommend for testing bra fit. Check it out HERE.

Bra Patterns

This is a perfect kit to use for the Cashmerette's Willowdale Bra Pattern. Check out their new pattern - the Willowdale. For sizing information on the Willowdale, check out this post on the Cashmerette Blog. For fitting information on the Willowdale check out this post on the Cashmerette Blog.