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Floral Bright Coral Peach Stretch Lace is 2" Wide with Silicone

Floral Bright Coral Peach Stretch Lace is 2" Wide with Silicone

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Delicate 2" wide bright coral peach lace with silicone backing adds Fredericks of Hollywood glamour to your lingerie and garments. This vintage floral stretch lace adds a sweet colorful accent to bras, nightgowns, evening wear and more and has a silicone strip on the back for gripping. Fredericks of Hollywood used this delicate design to enhance their glamorous designs, and now you can too! Fashion tip: For a sheer lace look over fabric, carefully zigzag the edges of the lace to the fabric and use small embroidery scissors to cut away the fabric underneath. Bulk Quantity 1 contains approximately 25 yards.

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