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Vertical Underwire - Heavy Gauge Wires - Replacement Wires

Vertical Underwire - Heavy Gauge Wires - Replacement Wires

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This is a heavy gauge 1/8 inch wide by 1/16 inch thick. Vertical wires are straight up on the ends. Regular wires have a 1/2 inch spread at the top. These wires are ideal for replacement wires in larger cup sizes from F through K.

The Vertical Underwire is generally used on larger cup sizes for an omega shaped bust. The wires are narrower than the regular underwire, but longer. Not all manufacturers use the recommended wire sizes, so check measurements carefully. If you are still unsure of which size you might need, you can order various sizes and return whichever sizes you don't end up needing.

Note that we are discontinuing the 2 pair packages, so once they are gone, they will not be restocked.

We created a video on how to determine your replacement wire size: Replacing an Underwire: How to Choose the Correct Wire for Replacing a Broken Wire

Wire Sizes Approximate Wire Lengths Approximate Wire Widths Recommended Sizes
36 9 5/16"/237mm 5" 28F(DDD)
38 9 29/32"/251mm 5 1/4" 28G, 30F(DDD)
40 10 15/32"/267mm 5 1/2" 28H, 30G, 32F(DDD)
42 11 1/16"/283mm 5 3/4" 28I, 30H, 32G, 34F(DDD)
44 11 21/32"/296mm 6 1/4" 28J, 30I, 32H, 34G, 36F(DDD)
46 12 1/4"/310mm 6 1/2" 28K, 30J, 32I, 34H, 36G, 38F(DDD)
48 12 13/16"/325mm 6 3/4" 30K, 32J, 34I, 36H, 38G, 40F(DDD)
50 13 1/2"/343mm 7" 32K, 34J, 36I, 38H, 40G, 42F(DDD)
52 14 5/32"/360mm 7 1/4" 34K, 36J, 38I, 40H, 42G, 44F(DDD)
54 14 27/32"/378mm 7 3/4" 36K, 38J, 40I, 42H, 44G, 46F(DDD)
56 15 17/32"/395mm 8" 38K, 40J, 42I, 44H, 46G, 48F(DDD)
58 16 3/16"/411mm 8 1/2" 40K, 42J, 44I, 46H, 48G, 50F(DDD)
60 16 7/8"/430mm 8 3/4" 42K, 44J, 46I, 48H, 50G, 52F(DDD)

You can download our wire chart to compare sizes.


Jane R. on May 17, 2019

O.M.G. I just got my order through and I am in love with the quality of the vertical underwires. There is no way these are going to deform in use unless I lay under a steam roller ;-) The turnaround from order to dispatch was really quick and even though there was international postage I had my order within a week of placing it. Thank you so much

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