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Tipping Material for Underwires and Boning

Tipping Material for Underwires and Boning

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This tipping material must utilize concentrated heat with a heat gun. A hair drier blows too much air to work. To use this material, first shake container up to fluff up the powder. Second concentrate the heat gun for 30 seconds on each side of the end. Third, dip into the powder and move around. 4th step, remove the end and apply the heat gun to the end again, melting the powder for a smooth finish. One coat should work. If its applied too thick, use a file and file down the bulk. To resmooth after filing, use the heat gun again to remelt the outside edge. Material is a polyester based product.

The small container should contain enough powder to cover 6-8 wires. The larger container contains 3 times the product. Note that this larger container is smaller than the previous containers.

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