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Eve Classic Bra Band for Wide Flat Vertical Wire

Eve Classic Bra Band for Wide Flat Vertical Wire

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Ever feel like your expensive ready-to-wear bras just don’t cut it - fit wise? Maybe it is time to start constructing bras that are based on your actual measurements, not average specifications. Porcelynne is able to help you make the jump to exquisitely crafted and fitting bras that are tailored to your torso. The patterns for band and cups are separate, allowing you to mix and match as desired. We offer patterns for the different band sizes, starting with The Eve Classic Bra Band and variations for each body type.

The Eve Classic Bra Band for Wide Flat Vertical Wires is for the band pattern only and is designed to be able to mix and match with our cup patterns. All patterns for the vertical wires will fit the corresponding patterns with the same wire size. The flat vertical wire will require a modification to the Vertical Wire Cups. Instructions for those modifications are provided in both the band instructions and the cup instructions.

The first stage in making your own bra is to determine what wire size and style you wear. To determine this, I recommend conducting a wire trace of your breast root or the point on the body where the breast tissue starts and ends. Knowing the shape of your breast root is very important when trying to find a well-fitting bra, as it can dramatically affect the fit. Once you have traced your breast root, compare your wire trace up to our wire charts (available in each wire listing). Select your band by using the form below, then create a fitting band for your wire. Once you have confirmed that your band and wire are the best match for you, you should then proceed to the cup pattern. If you would like feedback on the fit of the Eve band, join the support group for Bare Essentials on Facebook.

The great thing about selecting your band by measurements, then selecting your wire is that you know your base will fit you. Once you know these two important parts, then you can order the cups by the wire size and follow the form on the cup page to help you select the cup size to start with.

These bands are designed to be used with our flat vertical wires. There are 12 available band sizes in 4 different torso shapes. Each band is designed for a variety of wires.

30 Band = 44 through 50 Wire
32 Band = 44 through 52 Wire
34 Band = 44 through 54 Wire
36 Band = 44 through 56 Wire
38 Band = 44 through 58 Wire
40 Band = 44 through 60 Wire
42 Band = 44 through 62 Wire
44 Band = 44 through 64 Wire
46 Band = 46 through 64 Wire
48 Band = 48 through 64 Wire
50 Band = 50 through 64 Wire
52 Band = 52 through 64 Wire

There are a total of 476 band variations. Utilize the form below to determine your recommended size. Note both the V Shape and the V Shape adjustment with your pattern instructions. They will help you adjust the pattern to make it even more custom to your body. The option for all sizes is available in A0/A1, Letter and A4 paper sizes.

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